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A Smart Shelter/Gate

A Smart Shelter/Gate

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  • A 0.3 ㎛ (micrometer)-sized coronavirus stick to the surface of 2 ㎛ (micrometer)-sized ultrafine dust, which is larger than it is, and floats in the air. This is the reason why much more serious mass infections occur in 3C (Concentrated, Closed & Confined) multi-use indoor spaces.
  • Coronaviruses sticking to ultrafine dust penetrate into capillaries through the bronchial tubes and cause inflammation. This is dangerous because the body may become more susceptible to COVID-19 and develop serious COVID-19 symptoms. The spread of coronaviruses is of concern, especially during the seasons when fine dust is heavy
  • The shocking fact is that the death rate increases sharply when fine dust and coronaviruses meet, according to studies

A research team at Harvard University

A long-term increase of 1 μg/m3 (microgram per cubic meter) in the concentration of fine dust leads to an 11% increase in deaths from COVID-19


A European joint research team (Italy, Germany, UK, USA)

Air pollution may increase the COVID-19 death rate by up to 30 %.


  • From the outside to the inside : The Smart Gate acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces. Its effect is maximized when a person enters a building.
  • Indoor
    There are various types of products for indoor spaces, to which the Smart Gate technology has been applied. Each indoor space may be optimized by choosing which one to install among various types of products.
  • For air sterilization (Remove ultrafine dust and viruses floating in the air)
      • · Large-capacity air purifier
      • · Small-sized air purifier
      • · Ceiling-type air purifier
      • · Wall-type air purifier
      • · Bar-type sterilizer
      • · Pendant light-type sterilizer
  • For surface sterilization (Remove viruses from the surfaces of objects)
      • · Ceiling-type sterilizer, portable sterilizer

  • Where should we use it?
  • The Smart Gate is a must for any 3C (Concentrated, Closed & Confined) facilities. It is necessary for concentrated multi-use facilities, public spaces that many random people use, etc., where a great deal of dust is generated, and many people stay.The Smart Gate is useful when people enter buildings from the outside and where different spaces are connected. Products for indoor to which the Smart Gate technology has been applied are suitable for meeting rooms, office spaces, educational facilities, industrial facilities, leisure facilities, and rest areas where many people stay.
  • How are Smart Gate products different from other products?
  • We developed the world’s first Smart Gate that removes ultrafine dust and coronavirus at the same time. The Smart Gate destroys not only viruses on the surfaces of objects but also viruses in the air with UV-C LED technology. Smart Gate products are equipped with virus care solutions more effective, secure, specialized, and differentiated than other existing products in the market.
  • Is UV-C ultraviolet rays technology, a key technology in the Smart Gate development, harmful to the human body?
  • Ultraviolet rays can be harmful when it directly touches the human body. Therefore, Anytech products are equipped with human motion detection sensors to make the ultraviolet rays technology operate when there are no people, and stop operating when a person appears, to ensure safety. Currently, Anytech products that have been installed in public transportation, including subways and buses, are operated and used when there are no passengers.
  • How big are Smart Gate products?
  • Their lengths vary from 1 m to 5 m. Different size options can be chosen based on the functions you want to implement and the purposes of use.
  • How should we maintain them? (Cost, A/S)
  • Anytech performs regular maintenance and after-service (A/S). We maintain the high-performance HEPA filters, LEDs (for UV-C light irradiation), etc., which need to be replaced regularly.
  • Can we check the air quality inside the Smart Gate?
  • The Smart Gate is equipped with air quality sensors so that you can check indoor/outdoor air quality in real-time. Viruses such as coronaviruses may only be measured in special circumstances using special experimental equipment.

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