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Laboratory safety products

Laboratory safety products


Essential equipment to protect the health of
laboratory researchers and provide indoor comfort!

  • Its effect on chemical substances such as organic solvents has been verified.
  • A product certified by a nationally recognized testing institution.
  • Applicable areas
    • All laboratories, including chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, and hospital laboratories using acid/organic solvents
    • Work areas inside buildings, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, smoking rooms, etc.


Product nameALAP [Anytech Lab Air Purifier]
Adsorption efficiency99.5 % or more in the case of object gases
(Object gases : Harmful gases, including VOCs,acid-base, fume, etc.)
Adsorbent exchange cycle6 months or more (Replacement alarm function)
Treatment capacity10 CMM
Power consumption200W
Rated power input20V, 50/60Hz
Wind speed control5-stage (+ 2-stage : For emergencies)
VOCs operation mode5-stage and automatic (Auto) operation
Equipment weight44kg
Equipment size400 × 400 × 950(mm)

LED-type smart setting technology has been applied

for researchers’ convenience!

  • It can automatically operate through real-time monitoring of indoor pollution.
  • Indoor air quality levels may be displayed as steps.

Applying independent technology

to treat harmful gases!

  • Based on Anytech Inc’s individual harmful gas treatment technology, safe and pleasant laboratory environment is ensured.
  • Anytech Inc.’s every air purification system is composed of different materials and removes various types of harmful substances effectively.

Improving the research environment by

removing various harmful substances!


Essential equipment to protect the health of laboratory researchers and provide indoor comfort



  • Because it adsorbs using activated alumina, it is highly stable for flammable substances such as volatile organic compounds.
  • Dangerous gases (gases with high risks that can explode at high concentrations) that are difficult to handle with other companies’ facilities can be treated as well.
  • Adsorption filters are equipped with a replacement cycle alarm function to ensure continued safe operation.
  • It’s possible to prevent reagents from vaporizing by maintaining a temperature lower than room temperature to keep proper conditions for use and prevent safety-related accidents.

  • Storage capacity : 600L
  • Treatment method : Internal circulation using neutralizing adsorbent from the activated alumina family
  • Temperature control range : 0 ~ 12℃
  • Treated pollutants : Fine duse, HCHO, VOCs, NH3, HCI, HF, NO2, SO2, H2S, CO2
  • Power rating : 300W
  • Product size : 740 × 800 × 2,000mm

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